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Reference # Title Award Date Value
RES22012 Customer mapping for Department of Resources data and future economic opportunities research and strategy 2022-05-10 $318,541
RES21022 Structured market engagement for phase 2 of the Bowen Basin Pipeline Study 2022-05-10 $1,785,042
GOM034 Rehabilitation of the Eastern Domain of the former Goondicum Mine 2022-05-06 $2,786,686
RES22008 Provision of Economic Facilitator 2022-04-11 $218,533
RES22009 Provision of Services - Extractive Industries Framework 2022-04-08 $165,000
RES22007 Fees, charges and rents review 2022-04-06 $175,457
RES2100251 Stock Route ?Leaky Bore? project ? Glenusk 2022-04-04 $465,740
TSAM21050 Rubyvale Shaft Repairs 2022-03-15 $35,080
RES21028 Provision of Services - Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan (QRIDP) campaign 2022-03-07 $71,500
RES22003 Provision of Senior Business Analysts 2022-03-03 $200,000
RES22002 Provision of Technical Risk Profiling of Business Applications 2022-02-23 $319,000
TSAM21038 Upgrades to Mt Isa Drill Core Facility 2022-02-21 $691,000
CTS01B Deane St Heritage Shaft Preservation 2022-01-24 $12,348
RES21006 Provision of Contractor Services for Professional Valuation and Quantity Surveying Services 2022-01-05 $1
SIDTBC01 Professional services to develop a detailed business case for a South East Queensland (SEQ) Digital Twin supporting infrastructure development to Games 2032 2021-11-26 $596,914
TSAM21030 North Eastern Dams Maintenance 2021-11-22 $312,489
LPS001 Lava Plains Site Remediation 2021-10-26 $33,330