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Queensland Rail Limited

Reference # Title Award Date Value
QRP209RFT QRP-20-9 Commercial Out-of-Home Advertising 2022-04-21 $1
QRP2022 Supply and Delivery of Cable Pits and Lids 2022-04-07 $2,000,000
QRP2167 QRP-21-67 Data Network Equipment Supply, Maintenance and Support 2022-03-31 $15,700,000
QRP2156 QRP-21-56 Provision of Cleaning Services 2022-03-17 $32,600,000
QRP2153RFT QRP-21-53 Legal Advice for Insurance and Workers Compensation Claims Panel Arrangement 2022-03-17 $1
QRP213 Bridge Renewal West Moreton 2022-02-28 $9,096,249
QRP2181 QRP-21-81 Full-Service Beverage & Snack Automated Retailers (Vending) 2022-02-24 $1
QRP2185RFT QRP-21-85 Provision of First Aid Supplies and/or Onsite Restocking of First Aid Kit 2022-02-23 $870,000
QRP21108 Panel for the Provision of Trackside Safety Training to Queensland Rail's Contractors 2022-02-10 $1
QRP21133 Mayne Control Centre Fire Systems Renewal 2022-02-07 $438,491
QRP2168a Near North Coast Line (NNCL) Steel Bridge Re-painting 2021-12-15 $840,369
QRP2161 Timber Sleeper Management 2021-12-15 $2,000,000
QRP20105 Provision of Telecommunications Voice Recording System 2021-11-02 $1,000,000