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Queensland Rail Limited

Reference # Title Award Date Value
QRP2266 Ground Penetrating Radar 2023-01-11 $1,584,410
QRP2277 Supply of Air Filters HVAC 2022-12-22 $600,000
QRP2286 Construction of a Disaster Recovery Centre 2022-12-13 $6,000,000
QRP21148 QRP-21-148 - Dry Hire Equipment and Plant 2022-11-29 $1
QRP2226 Provision of Underwater Inspection of Bridges & Culverts 2022-11-15 $1,279,150
QRP2257 QRP-22-57 Network Architecture Current State and High Level Recommendations 2022-11-01 $211,882
QRP2220 Supply of 3x Backhoes, 1x Front End Loader and 1x Excavator 2022-10-25 $1,454,965
QRP2116a Traction Power Supervisory System Replacement 2022-10-21 $3,630,638
QRP2015b Supply and Delivery of Track Fastenings 2022-10-11 $9,640,000
QRP2178 Inventory Barcoding (I-Trace) 2022-09-29 $2,500,000
QRP21117 Tablelands Bridge Replacement 2022-09-19 $10,360,883
QRP2097 Supply of TETRA Radios for Regional Rolling Stock 2022-09-13 $229,048