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Queensland Rail Limited

Reference # Title Award Date Value
QRP21122 QRP-21-122 Onboard Entertainment 2022-07-31 $1,542,995
QRP2150 Supply of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Castings 2022-07-29 $620,000
QRP21132 QRP-21-132 Insurance Brokerage Services 2022-07-12 $780,000
QRP2160 Supply of Timber Sleepers and other Timber Products 2022-07-08 $59,000,000
QRP21105 Provision of Service and Maintenance of Height Safety Systems 2022-07-07 $2,150,000
QRP2122 Supply of Spike Pullers and Scarifier 2022-06-30 $1,900,000
QRP21154 QRP-21-154 Station Accessibility Upgrade Program Pre-Qualified List of Principal Contractors 2022-06-30 $1
QRP21118 Provision of Alcohol and Other Drugs Testing Services 2022-05-25 $3,940,218