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Corporate Administration Agency

Reference # Title Award Date Value
AQ0202024 CI005 CEP Electrical Infrastructure, MCC-7 Low Voltage Mains Switchboard Replacement Project - Principal Design Team 2024-03-05 $622,585
AQ0532023 CIW21 Queensland Cultural Centre (QCC) Glass Balustrade Replacement Project 2024-02-21 $3,847,464
AQ0372023 Invitation to Offer - Standing Offer Arrangement - Provision of Painting Services 2023-09-15 $1,375,000
QAGOMA0472023 QAGOMA Play Sculpture "The Big Hose" - Principal Consultant (Architect) 2023-09-04 $88,803
AQ0422022 Provision of Horticultural Services 2023-06-27 $2,525,616
AQ0332022 CI001 QPAC Switchboards Replacement Project - Principal Design Team 2023-01-18 $526,028