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Department of Transport and Main Roads - RoadTek

Reference # Title Award Date Value
RT176 Training and Development aligned to Supervisor development 2023-03-07 $69,300
WBB828 Provision of Sealing & Asphalt Works ? Walter Road, Kingaroy 2023-03-02 $304,000
FMU02023 Supply and Delivery of 3t Combination Roller and Trailer 2023-03-02 $189,263
FMU01722 Supply and Delivery of Multiple Trucks: 8T RGVM, 10-11T RGVM; Single/Dual Cab with Tray/Tip Body & Additional Equipment 2023-03-02 $2,373,704
WBB825 Provision of Concrete Pipe Jacking Services 2023-02-22 $889,020
WBB822 Provision of Sealing ? Bundaberg-Miriam Vale Road 2023-01-31 $161,166
WBB820 Provision of Sealing and Asphalt Works 2023-01-31 $330,835
FMU00623 Supply & Delivery of Trucks: 12T to 15T RGVM; Single/Dual Cab with Tray/Tip Body & Additional Equipment 2023-01-31 $1,150,360
RTNTH10522 Water and Sewer Relocation Works 2023-01-27 $5,189,595
FMU02323 Supply and Delivery of Glass Bead Tank 2023-01-25 $29,408
FMU00723 Supply and Delivery of Electric Loader & Additional Equipment 2023-01-24 $242,858
FMU00423 Supply and delivery of four (4) Ride On Mowers with Trailers 2023-01-20 $291,500
FMU01423 Erosion Control Trailer 2023-01-10 $28,753
FMU00823a Supply and fitment of Tray Body to suit Isuzu FSR 120-260 Truck 2023-01-06 $49,428
FMU03122 FMU 031_22 Supply and Delivery of Tracked Mowers Remote Control with Plant Trailers 2022-12-21 $928,366
FMU01123 Supply and delivery of Compressor Blower Trailer Mounted Units 2022-12-19 $229,051