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Department of Transport and Main Roads - RoadTek

Reference # Title Award Date Value
FMU03323 Supply and Delivery of 7 (seven) trucks of 12T to 15T RGVM; Single/ Dual cab with Tray/Tip body & Additional Equipment 2023-09-25 $1,266,640
WBB855 Manufacture, supply and delivery of girder restraints and associated hardware 2023-08-31 $265,100
FMU04223 Supply and Delivery of Generators _20kva_40kva_Diesel 2023-08-29 $49,743
FMU03523 Supply and Delivery of eight (8) Trucks Single Cab 4.5t GVM 2023-08-16 $1,310,915
FMU04023 Supply and Delivery of Trailer, Plant 12.5t ATM 2023-08-07 $94,804
WBB852 Provision of Sealing ? D'Aguilar Highway 2023-07-31 $123,636
FMU02223 Supply and delivery of Trucks; Dual Cab Tray back 4.5t GVM 2023-07-25 $2,523,340
WBB850 Provision of Sealing & Asphalt Works 2023-07-05 $643,906
FMU02523 FMU 025_23 Supply and Delivery of Truck; 12t RGVM; Single Cab with Vacuum Excavation Unit with Additional Equipment 2023-06-28 $549,654
FMU01523 Supply and Delivery of Multiple Compact Tracked loader/s and Trailer & Additional Equipment. 2023-06-28 $885,551
WBB847 Provision of Sealing & Asphalt Works ? Moorabinda Drive, Booral Road 2023-06-27 $125,500
RTNTH2923 Bitumen Services 2023-06-26 $1,309,755
FMU02923 Supply and Delivery of four (4) 3.5t to 4.5t Truck Vans 2023-06-14 $472,234
RTNTH2723 Supply and Delivery of Quarry Materials 2023-06-13 $1,420,815
FMU01223 Supply and delivery of two (2) bulk cement tankers trailers with carrying capacity of approx. 30,000kg for the Warwick Depot 2023-06-13 $752,151
WBB844 Provision of Bitumen sealing and Asphalt 2023-06-09 $84,100
WBB832 Provision of Roadside Slashing 2023-06-08 $1
FMU02423 Supply and delivery of stabiliser/recycler; self-propelled, pneumatic tyred and additional equipment 2023-06-06 $1,470,523
WBB843 Provision of Cleaning Services 2023-06-05 $1
FMU03023 Supply and delivery of one (1) Compact Mower Electric and Trailer 2023-06-01 $123,309
FMU01623 Supply and delivery of four (4), 7.0-8.0t RGVM, 4x4 truck/s (one (1) dual cab and three (3) single cab) with tray & additional equipment 2023-06-01 $698,415
WBB782 Provision of Pavement Materials & Pre-coated Screenings for Intersection Upgrade Burnett Highway and Gayndah-Mt Perry Road 2023-05-31 $242,100
SC124 Microsurfacing for the D'Aguilar Highway Project 2023-05-30 $1
FMU01823 Supply and delivery of multiple single cab trucks; 22.5 - 23.0t RGVM; tip body & additional equipment. 2023-05-29 $1,304,802
BW94623 Provision of Bikeway Mowing and Associated Activities for the RMC Metropolitan Region 2023-05-26 $1
WBB779 Provision of Road Making Materials for Culvert Replacement on Murgon-Gayndah Road 2023-05-25 $70,000
SC121a Precast Concrete Components 2023-05-24 $1
FMU03423 Supply and Delivery of four (4) Trailer Mounted Toilets 2023-05-23 $49,330
SC514209 Insitu Stabilised Pavement Works - Eumundi Kenilworth Road Resurfacing 2023-05-12 $1
FMU02823 Supply and delivery of two (2) truck mounted cement spreaders (27.5t RGVM) (21m³ hopper volume) and additional equipment 2023-05-10 $1,416,148
BW95523 Skid Resistance Treatment Works 2023-05-10 $164,000
BW95623 Provision of Electrical Services for RoadTek Brisbane Operations 2023-05-08 $1
FMU01323A Supply and Delivery of one (1) Elevated Work Platform Truck Mounted 15t 2023-03-29 $594,627
SC595901 Maroochy River Tramway Bridge Removal Project 2023-03-24 $1
FMU01923 Supply and Delivery of one (1) 8t Excavator Rubber Tracked with Trailer and one (1) 15t Excavator Steel Tracked 2023-03-24 $706,473
WBB800rev1 Provision of Bridge Rail 2023-03-10 $470,000
RT176 Training and Development aligned to Supervisor development 2023-03-07 $69,300
WBB828 Provision of Sealing & Asphalt Works ? Walter Road, Kingaroy 2023-03-02 $304,000
FMU02023 Supply and Delivery of 3t Combination Roller and Trailer 2023-03-02 $189,263
FMU01722 Supply and Delivery of Multiple Trucks: 8T RGVM, 10-11T RGVM; Single/Dual Cab with Tray/Tip Body & Additional Equipment 2023-03-02 $2,373,704
RT144 Line Marking Works 2023-03-01 $1