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James Cook Drive Repair and Rehabilitation Project  

James Cook University
James Cook University, Townsville, Qld, 4811, QLD, Australia, 4811
James Cook Drive Repair and Rehabilitation Project (105106)
James Cook Drive Repair and Rehabilitation Project

James Cook University (JCU) is seeking Proposals for the repair and rehabilitation of James Cook Drive (JCD) at the JCU University Campus, Douglas, Townsville.

JCU’s Townsville / Bebegu Yumba Campus is located south west of Townsville CBD and James Cook Drive is the primary access road and distribution road within the Townsville / Bebegu Yumba Campus. James Cook Drive was constructed approximately 40 years ago and has had minimal improvements over that period. A decision has been made by JCU to fund the repair and / or rehabilitation of priority areas on James Cook Drive. The Contract proposed is an AS4902 – 2002 (JCU Amended) Design and Construct Contract for which the investigation, survey and design component will be lump sum and the construction works will be delivered as a Variation based on the negotiated schedule of rates accepted as part of the request for Tender process.

James Cook Drive is a publically accessible road and as such no formal site visit has been scheduled. Any questions and enquiries are to be issued using the "ask a question" or "online forum" in QTenders.

It is expected that all submissions will have completed the returnable schedules addressing the non-price criteria noting that this document also requests a lump sum price offer. There is a seperate spreadsheet to complete for the Schedule of Rates submission, this template is not to be altered and JCU will not be accepting schedule of rates submissions in an alternate form.

For detailed information on the specific works and services sought under this tender, please review the "Specification Documents" in "Section 3 - Here is the detail".

  • Request for Tender Document, JCD Repair and Rehabilitation, Principal Contractor No.105106
  • Tender Returnable Schedules (excel format)  
  • Schedule of Rates Returnable Schedule 
  • JCD Principal Project Requirements - Rev 001 - 20211118
  • JCD Repair and Rehabilitation - Geotech Brief - 30033779-008-GI-001 Rev 002
  • JCD Repair and Rehabilitation - General Preliminaries - Rev 001 - 20211118
  • JCD Repair and Rehabilitation - Schedule - Priority Locations
  • JCD Repair and Rehabilitation - Site Plan - Priority Locations
  • Draft AS4902 Design & Construct Contract - 2021118.pdf
  • Draft FIOA AS4902 Design & Construct - 202111118.pdf
4 Feb, 2022
Roads and landscape - (60%)
Parking lot or road maintenance or repairs or services - (40%)
open offer process
$1 (Estimate)
12 Apr, 2022
Damian Crocker
OFFICE: (07) 47814663


CES Civil NQ Pty Ltd
11 Oonoonba Road , Idalia , QLD, Australia, 4811
Price: $ 1.00