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Enterprise Desktop Fleet Management  

Queensland University of Technology
2 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Enterprise Desktop Fleet Management (RFO000049530)
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Enterprise Desktop Fleet Management

QUT is looking for a supplier to partner with to design, test, and if successful, transition to a centrally managed process to oversee the perpetual renewal of the entire staff computing fleet. The university hopes by leveraging greater economies of scale, regular quarterly orders, and a strong partnership with a single preferred supplier, it can streamline the process, reduce duplication of effort, increase the in-warranty compliance of the fleet, and ensure staff productivity is improved by providing a standardised, reliable and efficient end-to-end hardware asset management practice.


Suppliers may attend a briefing either in person (subject to COVID restrictions) or virtually.


The Supplier Briefing will be an opportunity to:


  • Understand QUT’s requirements in detail
  • Understand the RFO package and what needs to be returned by when
  • Ask questions    


The Supplier Briefing is scheduled for:

DATE: Wednesday, March 16th

TIME: 2:30pm to 3:30pm (Brisbane Time)

ZOOM MEETING ID: 849 2729 0468


 For detailed information on the specific goods/services sought under this tender, please review the RFO00004953.0 Enterprise Desktop Fleet Management document and associated documents.

All enquiries and clarifications should be submitted in writing to email with reference RFO00004953.0 Enterprise Desktop Fleet Management.

7 Apr, 2022
Communications Devices and Accessories - (34%)
Computer Equipment and Accessories - (33%)
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications - (33%)
open offer process
$1 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
15 Jul, 2022
Thank you for submitting your tender application.<br /><br />The quality of all submissions was of a very high standard and QUT acknowledges and appreciates your efforts in responding.<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />QUT Strategic Procurement
Strategic Procurement


Computers Now Pty Ltd
14/67 Depot St, Banyo, QLD, Australia, 4014
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