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Q01. How to contact the QTenders Helpdesk
Q02. Forgotten password and/or username
Q03. Web browser compatibility
Q04. Forming a Business Group and/or Adding New Users
Q05. How to edit Tender Notifications
Q06. How to register with QTenders
Q07. How to submit a response electronically
Q08. Errors while uploading response
Q09. How to unsubscribe from emails
Q10. How to use Advanced Search
Q11. How to look for recently released tenders
Q12. About UNSPSC - United Nations Standard Products and Services Code
Q13. Opening a tender box remotely

Contact Tender Manager


For Tender specific questions, the Tender Manager details are listed in Section 2 of the Tender brief.


QTenders System Support: 07 3215 3699 

Between 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


Submit a Question


For information on a specific tender, including specifications and late offers/submissions, please contact the Tender Manager detailed in Section 2 of the Tender Overview.


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