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Residential House and Unit Valuations

Issued by The Public Trustee - Procurement Services

Invitation to Offer

Status: Closed
Mega Category: General goods and services
Number: PTO202135
Released: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 at 12:00AM Brisbane, Queensland
Closed: Fri, 25 Mar 2022 at 2:00PM Brisbane, Queensland
UNSPSC: Real estate services - (100%)
Region/s: Cairns & Far North Queensland
Mount Isa & North West Region
The Central West
South West & Darling Downs
Mackay Whitsunday Region
Wide Bay Burnett
South East Queensland

Section 1

Tender Overview

The Public Trustee of Queensland aims to establish a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for the delivery of Residential House and Unit Valuation Services to Customers of the Public Trust Office.

Depending on requirements these goods / services specifically include:

  • valuation for sale
  • valuation for insurance, investment or improvement purposes
  • valuation for tax purposes
  • valuation for resumption, and 
  • valuation at date of death (historic valuation)

The following property types may require valuation under the supply arrangement and are in scope:

  • a single house or dwelling
  • a single home unit, villa or townhouse
  • a vacant allotment on which the construction of not more than two residential dwellings is permissible
  • dual occupancy properties in which no more than two dwellings are held on one certificate of title
  • a serviced apartment where permanent occupation is a permissible alternate use
  • As If Complete or To Be Erected residential dwellings (no more than two dwellings on one title)
  • A non-income producing rural residential property where a single residential use is permissible (including hobby farms)
  • A leasehold residential property
  • non-strata unit complexes
  • retirement village units and aged care units.
  • manufactured homes and caravans.

It does not include:

a) a property for which residential use is not permissible;
b) rural properties which are income producing;
c) rural properties which are not suitable for residential use;
d) commercial property including office, retail or industrial;
e) mixed use properties e.g. shop and residence combined;
f) serviced apartments that do not allow permanent residence; and
g) properties that do not have legal street access.

For detailed information on the specific goods / services sought under this tender, please review the "Specification Documents" in "Section 3 - Here is the detail".

More about tendering here

Section 2

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Section 3

Here is the detail

If there are no documents listed in this section, please refer to Section 1 Tender Overview.

Documents can not be downloaded once Tender has closed.