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FIFA Women?s World Cup 2023 ? FIFA Fan Festival Brisbane Event Production

Issued by Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport

Forward Procurement Schedule

Status: Forward Procurement Schedule
Mega Category: General goods and services
Number: 22DTIS100
Published: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 at 10:07AM Brisbane, Queensland
Unpublished: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 at 2:00PM Brisbane, Queensland
Expected ITO Date: Mid July 2022
UNSPSC: Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services - (100%)
Region/s: South East Queensland

Section 1

Tender Overview

The Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport (DTIS) is notifying suppliers of its intention to release an Invitation to Offer (ITO) for the provision of event production services associated with planning and delivering FIFA Fan Festival (FFF) Brisbane, to be staged in conjunction with FIFA Women’s World Cup (FWWC) Australia and New Zealand 2023.

The ITO documents will be published on the Queensland Government QTenders website.

FWWC is the international football competition contested by the senior women’s national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) every four years, and is the world’s largest women’s sporting event. Australia and New Zealand are co-hosting FWWC 2023 from 20 July to 20 August 2023. FWWC 2023 is the first FWWC to feature 32 teams (the same number as the men’s World Cup). Brisbane/Meaanjin is one of nine host cities, and will host eight matches at Suncorp (Brisbane) Stadium.

FFF is known as the ‘place to be' outside stadiums, and is a meeting point for fans from around the world to celebrate and enjoy the tournament atmosphere in each host city. FFF will appeal to a broad audience and entice attendees to engage with football. FFF is a powerful content, communication and promotional platform for FIFA, its stakeholders and for host cities. FFF Brisbane will be held in the South Bank Parklands, adjacent to the Brisbane River, and will operate for the duration of FWWC 2023.

FFF Brisbane will accommodate up to 3,000 people at any time, and will be free of charge.

FFF Brisbane will incorporate the following five pillars:

  • Live – an area including a Big Screen and Live Stage where matches are broadcast and entertainment is hosted
  • Performance – an area where a diverse programme of music, performing arts and other cultural content is presented and where visitors can party
  • Playground – an area where visitors can actively explore football and engage and interact with others
  • Campus – an area where visitors can learn about football including its history, protagonists, achievements and opportunities
  • Food & Soul – an experience-based area for visitors to refuel, rest and relax.

FFF Brisbane will include licensed areas for VIPs and general guests, media and broadcast facilities, a merchandise concessionaire and FIFA commercial affiliate and host city activations.

The following types of content will feature in the Event Programme:

  • Live football matches
  • Vibrant music performances
  • Diverse cultural and performing arts
  • Education and Infotainment with a focus on women’s football
  • Community and visitor engagement programmes
  • Visitor participation and activations
  • Grassroots activations.

DTIS has engaged in dialogue with FIFA in relation to FFF Brisbane since early September 2021. DTIS undertook a scoping exercise in early 2022 and presented concepts to FIFA in February 2022. FIFA undertook site inspections in Brisbane in May 2022 and has confirmed the South Bank Parklands as the site for FFF Brisbane.

DTIS intends to engage a suitably experienced Event Production Agency to plan and deliver FFF Brisbane, in consultation with DTIS, Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) on behalf of Brisbane City Council, and FIFA. It is expected that the successful supplier will be engaged under a fixed-term contract for a period of up to 12 months, until September 2023.

The successful supplier may be a single organisation, a joint-venture or a consortium.

Demonstrated ability in delivering sustainable outcomes by collaborating and engaging with key stakeholders, including but not limited to Indigenous businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Social Enterprises will be highly regarded.

Prospective suppliers are informed that a Local Benefits Test will be utilised as part of the ITO process to evaluate the benefits the supplier would bring to the local area.  

The anticipated timeframe for this ITO is as follows (subject to change):



Invitation to Offer documents released on QTenders

Mid-July 2022

Tender Briefing Session

Late July 2022

Closing date for questions


Closing date

Late August 2022

Intended New Services Start Date Approx.

Early October 2022

The following information is provided to help suppliers prepare for the release of the ITO (details are subject to change):

  • Attachment A – Site Overview
  • Attachment B – Indicative Site Layout
  • Attachment C – South Bank Parklands_Base.dwg
  • Attachment D – Riverside Green_Base.dwg
  • Attachment E – FWWC 2023 Match Schedule
  • Attachment F – Indicative FFF Brisbane Operating Schedule 

Any questions regarding this Forward Procurement Notice must be directed in writing to email: procurement@dtis.qld.gov.au. Failure to observe this requirement may be perceived as a breach of the impending Invitation to Tender process and may result in being precluded from participation in the invitation process. 


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