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The University of Queensland

Reference # Title Award Date Value
RFQ202300330 Gatton STP Ponds Upgrade-Civil Works 2023-10-24 $726,123
RFQ202300287 UQ Facade Inspections 2023-07-01 $250,000
UQ2109 Health and Recreation Precinct Tenders 2023-04-03 $90,000,000
RFQ202200254 UQ Union Complex Design 2023-04-03 $4,000,000
UQ2102 HVAC Asset Maintenance 2023-04-01 $20,000,000
QQO202200194 Analysis of Future Research Directions in Science 2022-10-21 $200,000
UQ2141A Creative Services RFQ 2022-09-01 $2,000,000

The University of Queensland - Information Technology Services

Reference # Title Award Date Value
2022UQ1801 Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) solution 2023-06-19 $370,250
2021UQ1101 Mobile Services and Devices 2022-12-23 $2,000,000