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Reference # Title Award Date Value
GEO2300212 GG-04 Engineering Services, Golden Gate TSF 2023-01-03 $91,146
LND23001421A Stock Route ?Leaky Bore? project ? Merabooka, Diamantina Plains, Merrion Downs and Mayne Pub 2022-12-21 $803,000
BCP2300166 Resources Leadership Program 2022-12-16 $500,000
GEO230076 Lime Supply for the Mount Morgan Mine site 2022-11-24 $250,000
GEO2300111 Electrical Engineering Services for the Mount Morgan Site 2022-11-22 $25,916
GEO230098 Pre-qualification Panel for the Acquisition of Spatial Imagery & LiDAR and Associated Deliverables 2022-11-15 $21,000,000
GEO2300207 MJB16 Demolition of Amenities Building at Adams Beach 2022-11-15 $67,091
GEO2300126 JUM-02 Engineering Design Consultancy Jumna TSF 2022-11-15 $155,656
BCP2300187 SAP Solution Architect 2022-11-02 $115,000
GEO2300115 WCM50G Electrical Compliance Services for Wolfram Camp Mine Site 2022-09-05 $21,615