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Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DJAG7592223 Development of a Primary Prevention Plan (PPP) to Address Violence Against Women in Queensland 2023-05-26 $400,150
DJAG7752223 Digital Engagement platform licence for Criminal Justice Innovation Office and First Nations Justice Office 2023-05-10 $115,622
DJAG7602223 Provision of Market and Social Research Services and User Experience Research Services to Inform Development of the Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) and Coercive Control Communication and Engagement 2023-04-28 $750,000
DJAG7292122 Provision of Probity Advice to Establish a Standing Order Arrangement 2023-04-28 $27,500
DJAG7542223 RFQ - Provision of Certificate IV Training - Government Investigations 2023-04-20 $100,000
DJAG7582223 RFQ - Review of Gambling Community Benefits Fund 2023-04-14 $300,000
DJAG7302223 Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence: Methodology for Measuring Service Sector Impacts and Outcomes 2023-04-05 $917,123
DJAG7512223 Training and Change Management Framework for Queensland's Domestic and Family Violence Service System and a Domestic and Family Violence Education and Training Strategy 2023-03-31 $467,890
DJAG7452223 Provision of DFV Live List Application 2023-03-24 $184,767
DJAG7372223 Provision of a Web Content Management System 2023-02-27 $1,518,088
DJAG7392223 Stakeholder Engagement Stage 1 - Pathways to Peak Representation 2023-02-24 $46,992
DJAG7522223 Review of the IT Systems for the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management 2023-02-17 $357,060
DJAG7672223 Provision of Services for the Conveyancing of Deceased Persons Under the Coroners Act 2003 for Toowoomba Local Government Area (LGA) 2023-02-01 $120,000
DJAG7272122 Indigenous Justice Program- Grant Management System 2023-01-10 $109,545
DJAG7382223 Court Link Community Support Service 2023-01-04 $363,636